HTMLAsText 1.11

This application extracts the text content from a HTML document
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HTMLAsText is a program that converts an entire HTML document to an ordinary text file. It only extracts the readable part of the file (a text that is displayed after the page is interpreted by a web browser). It removes unnecessary parts like tags or scripts contained in the document.
As you would expect, the result of converting a complex web page to a text is not a very good one. For a clear-cut result, a lot of formatting rules would have to be applied. For example, when you browse through a webpage and click a link to print it, a new page is loaded, which is formatted differently to look good on paper (this is done by using a CSS file that formats the text accordingly). However, by tweaking some of the few options offered by this utility, better than average results can be achieved. Even great conversions can result for simpler HTML files.
The application can also convert multiple files at once.
When you are satisfied with the results you have obtained for a specific type of document, you can save the configuration for use at a later time.
The purpose of this program is not clear so only you can decide if it could be of any use to you or not.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Small application
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  • Usually achieves average results
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